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Once Over Restoration is a team of professionals that has you covered for any type of water damage disaster. We have multiple offices throughout the United States to serve you for any of your restoration emergency needs. Once we receive your call, our certified technicians will arrive at your home or business as soon as possible. We will take care of everything necessary while minimizing any potential structural damages.


We’re the best company around when it comes to water damage restoration, and we know how important your home and businesses are. That’s why our loyal customers come back time after time because they know that if you need help with any type or severity of damages caused by rainwater penetration into walls, ceilings, or other areas inside a structure, then there really isn’t another service out on these shores like ours.


Let our crew of experts help you restore your property, no matter what the cause. We will work quickly and efficiently to remedy any water damage that may have occurred in a timely manner, so it doesn’t slow down business or cost more money later on when things go wrong.

Emergency disaster restoration service is our specialty. We come to your home quickly with all the tools and expertise you need for water damage restoration, water damage cleanup, mold remediation, mold removal, and fire damage restoration in one call 24/7.

Water Damage Restoration

Your home is your sanctuary. So it’s most likely not a great idea to have water damage from something as simple and mundane, like raining or overflowing the sink, for example! No matter how small of an amount that might seem like it’s enough time has passed already- mold will start growing in no time if you don’t act quickly enough with this type of situation because biological contamination spreads so easily through moisture on surfaces such as wood flooring (or any other material).


You should start water mitigation and cleanup as soon as possible after sustaining damage, since the longer you wait, the more likely it becomes that mold will grow on your property’s surfaces which can be very unhealthy for people living or working there–especially kids.

Once Over Restoration offers extraordinary property solutions for both residential and commercial clients. We are flexible enough to respond quickly in the event of a disaster, yet thorough with our work so as not to leave any trace that this occurred at all while restoring your home or office back into shape.


Once Over Restoration responds rapidly when called upon by homeowners who have had water damage inside their buildings; we extract standing puddles without damaging carpets if possible but otherwise take care of everything from cleaning up urine-soaked rugs (we do save those), removing ceiling tiles scorched by fire sprinklers bursting forth like geysers… anything within reason is fair game because what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – right?


Give our team of professionals a call if you want the best water damage restoration service in town.

Water Damage Clean-up

When it comes to water damage clean-up and restoration services in any of the 50 states, there’s only one company that you should rely on. At Once Over Restoration, we are fully certified for handling all types of residential and commercial situations with our fast-response team by your side during a time when disaster has hit hard. We’re relieved to be able to help our community with every water damage cleanup job. Our company has been in business for many years, and we look forward to continuing to serve you on the upcoming projects.


When you call Once Over Restoration for cleaning up, we will provide professional services and work with experienced professionals who know how to get the job done right in order to minimize structural damages on your property from excessive standing/flowing liquid.

With years of experience in water damage clean up, we are your one-stop-shop for all things flood and mold. Our crew is highly trained to identify the cause of any problem with standing or sinking floors as well as ceiling leaks before they become major problems that require extensive reconstruction services.


Our 24/7 service is here for when things go wrong at any time of day or night – we will respond with speed to help get rid of those pesky flooded areas quickly while also ensuring proper drying procedures happen seamlessly as well throughout this process until it’s done right just how every customer wants it handled.


Mold Remediation

Mold is a scary and unpredictable problem that can cause health problems. If you’ve had a recent flooding or other damage to your property, it’s important that the cause is remediated as soon as possible. Our mold removal specialists will assess how bad things are and start working on drying out in 60 minutes or less so we can get back into our homes quickly with minimal hassle from pesky fungus growths like black dotting (a type of mildew), fuzzy caterpillar coats, green slime mounds…


The best way to evade mold is by keeping an eye on it. It could be hiding anywhere in your house, waiting for you to inhale its spores and bring them into contact with other surfaces where they will grow. Make sure that if there was any sheetrock damage or water intrusion beyond what’s visible then call our professionals who know how important this issue really can get- especially when dealing with allergic reactions as well as toxic substances being produced from some molds which have caused problems already.


The team at Once Over Restoration are experts in their field. They can quickly extract the water and dry out your structure without further damage from mold, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about it spreading throughout your home or office space.


Mold Removal

No one likes the idea of living in a home with mold. It is unhealthy, and it can cause you some serious health problems down the line. As experts at identifying and eliminating all types of molds from homes & businesses, we know how important your safety is to keep safe, so that’s why Once Over Restoration cares about ensuring their customer’s well being by using only proven techniques such as isolating any damaged areas while removing affected material and making sure there aren’t any more possible sources for growth.


Once Over Restoration is the nation’s leading mold removal and remediation service. We can prevent the spread of harmful molds by removing affected material from your home or business, as well as identifying a clean environment for you to return back in.


If you want to get rid of the pesky mold and its spores, then calling Once Over Restoration is your best bet. Our trained specialists will remove any traces left behind by removing them fully with bleach so that there are no lingering problems in an area where we already know one has been damaged from water damage or other causes like construction errors.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires are damaging forces that can have lasting effects. The smoke and soot from a fire will travel throughout your home or office, penetrating into other rooms where it could affect paint jobs, carpeting, and more personal possessions, including the clothing of those who live there as well. Fires may seem minor at first, but in reality, anything is possible when you’re dealing with such intense heat.


There is no one other than Once Over Restoration to handle all your fire damage needs. Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed for a job well done, restoring smoke-damaged homes or businesses back into their pre-fire state of perfection.


We offer professional services that will make you feel confident about getting in touch with us when disaster strikes so we can come help get things under control quickly while efficiently using resources effectively throughout each stage; litigation management/litigation support (initial onsite response), clean up process after fires are contained, debris removal service from property sites as well as secondary restoration work such as drying out damaged contents inside structures like furniture.2