The Aurora Highlands neighborhood is located 2.4 miles from Aurora and has around 11997 people living here, making it one of the more populated areas.

This beautiful area has excellent livability scores. It’s the 4th ranked neighborhood in Aurora and 8th out of all communities across Colorado. Additionally, Aurora is better than 86% of all the areas around it.

The cost of living in Aurora Highlands is 10% lower than average, with the housing 8% lower than the national average. The cost of living in this neighborhood is equal to the rest of the nation.

The beautiful, peaceful Aurora Highlands is a haven for those who want to get away from it all. Aurora Highlands has some of the lowest crime rates in Colorado and its surrounding areas – so you can enjoy your time there knowing that nobody will bother or scare off you or any of your visitors.

The residents of Aurora Highlands have a crime rate that is 21% higher than the national average and 55% lower for violent crimes. In this bustling residence, you have a 1 in 36 chance of becoming the victim of crime. There are 92% fewer crimes here than in other cities across Colorado, making it a very safe neighborhood.

The average median household income in Aurora Highlands is 18% higher than the national average, so lower incomes are not an issue. The area has a 14% decrease in capita per person earning compared with other locations across America. When it comes to median earnings, male employees in Aurora Highlands make 41% more than their female counterparts. The unemployment rate for this area is also much higher than the national average at 41%.

The school test scores in Aurora Highlands are very close to the national average. There aren’t any public schools available, but other existing institutions provide a good education for students of all levels. The data from this survey reflects the educational groups of people living in Aurora Highlands. The completion rates for 8th grade, high school diploma, and bachelor’s degree are above average compared to other areas across Colorado.

The data shows that most people in the area completed 8th grade, with nearly 87% doing so. Furthermore, over 86% of those same individuals hold a high school degree, while 26% have a bachelor’s degree.

The real estate market in Aurora is not as hot and spicy compared to other areas. Prices are 8% lower here, which means there’s an opportunity for you if buying or renting. The beautiful Aurora Highlands is a treasure trove of affordable real estate. With prices 23% lower than the average for this city, it’s an ideal place to find your next home! Plus, you’ll save even more money on rentals when looking here too – at 8%. Lower than the national average.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.