Beverly Hills is the perfect town for those who want to live close enough but not too far away from Los Angeles. The population here has been estimated at 34627 people, which means you’ll never feel like your neighborhood becomes packed. It’s easy living in this little community given how many amenities it offers residents, including access only 9.3 miles outside downtown Los Angeles while still enjoying all that city life brings, such as work or school trips alongside everyday errands.

Beverly Hills is a great place to live with excellent scores and rankings. It’s 159th out of California’s cities, 5063rd ranked among neighborhoods across America. Moreover, this neighborhood ranks better compared against 82%of all the areas nearby.

The average cost of living and buying goods and services in Beverly Hills is about 250% higher than the California average. This means that it’s more expensive to buy a house and live there permanently. The exact cost is 217% in comparison with the national average.

The Beverly Hills’ estate market has a 364% higher price-to-value ratio than California’s. Rental rates for homes average 53%, almost double that of other parts on the coast., Additionally, the average housing in this prestigious neighborhood is 683% higher than the national average.

Beverly Hills has an average crime rate of 71% higher than the national average. Violent crimes in this city are 15%  lower, making it one of many magnets for celebrity residents but not necessarily criminals. Beverly Hills may be a popular destination, but it’s also one of the safest cities in America. With only 1 out of every 25 people becoming victims there – you have a meager chance at being targeted by criminals here. Despite being home to some mansions with opulent lifestyles and high-profile celebrities alike, the neighborhood is safer than 20% of all other residents in the country.

Beverly Hills is a prestigious neighborhood known for its high-end luxury goods and services. The average household income there is 82% higher than that of other American cities, making it one the most prosperous towns in America. Furthermore, the income per capita here is 163% higher than the national average.

The unemployment rate in Beverly Hills is 8% higher than the national average. But it’s not all bad as this means that there are many more opportunities for workers to find employment. It should be easier to navigate through all of these career paths with a bit of guidance from professionals who understand what they’re doing. The median earnings for men in this community are 41% greater than their female colleagues.

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