Bonnet House Museum & Gardens Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in Fort Lauderdale

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a house, garden, and history museum in Fort Lauderdale that has among the most beautiful water views on earth. You will find ponds with bonnet lilies as well as tropical gardens for your enjoyment while visiting this historic property.


Situated at 900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL, The Bonnet House Museum and Gardens, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is the best spot for history buffs. The first theater ever built on this land was called “the Island Theater.” In 1984 it received a listing from the National Register of Historic Places, which makes them an important historic landmark as well.

In 1920, Chicago-born artist Frederick Clay Bartlett created Bonnet House on South Florida oceanfront land given to him and his second wife Helen Louise by her father, Hugh Taylor Birch. Tragedy struck in 1925 when she died from breast cancer at age 38; he later married Evelyn Fortune Lilly, who would spend winters there until 1995. Today, the estate is called The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens,  a preeminent house museum that not only preserves historic and environmental preservation but also shares knowledge with visitors through creative expression. The estate provides an educational experience much like what you would find at Bartletts or Birches themselves.

The Bonnet House is a historic site in addition to its significance for preservation. The grounds encompass an example of how this was once one’s habitat, before being developed much more heavily than other areas around Florida with natural barriers like beaches or thick forests – giving insight into what life might have been like there originally.

The property is home to five distinct ecosystems. These include the Atlantic Ocean beach and primary dune, freshwater sloughs that are found in between these two types of wetland habitats, as well as mangroves along with maritime forests located up on higher ground which provide shade for native species during hot summer days when they need it most.

Imagine yourself at one of the most beautiful museums in Florida, watching as it comes alive with art and history. The bonnet house museum is open for your exploration all night long. Whether you’re staying overnight or having dinner for eight people, there will be something that interests everyone on this tour de force through time-tested antiques from around our state’s rich heritage scene.

A Night At The Museum gives guests more than just an opportunity to view exhibits; they can also participate by dressing up like their favorite historical figure (or not) during unique photo sessions before bedtime rituals involving chandeliers, liturgical moments, handcrafted jewelry, handmade pottery mementos collected throughout generations.

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