You know that feeling when you’re transported to another place? That’s what CAFE AZTECA wants for their customers. They specialize in traditional recipes and fresh produce, meaty dishes with savory sides like salsa or chipotles on anything. If it isn’t Mexican, then they’ll make it so – at least while visiting this passionate bunch of cooks who love great food as much as anyone else does (and have been trained by some really top-notch instructors). So get your taste buds ready because everything about here screams enjoy- indulge yourself into euphoria after each bite; we promise there won’t be any leftovers.

Situated at 180 Common St, Lawrence, MA 01840-1507, CAFE AZTECA offers you a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the flavors of Mexico without having any hassle. Visit their cafe and experience authentic food that will transport your taste buds straight down south. The CAFE AZTECA wants everyone who visits them, whether they are Mexican or not-to know what real Mexican cuisine tastes like – fresh produce, savory meats & harmonizing salsas (they specialize in traditional recipes). They as well offer vegetarian options, so there’s something appropriate no matter how strict their diet may be: visit today.

When food and wine are paired, they bring a sense of occasion to the table. There’s something about seeing your favorite dish brought alive on paper or wood that makes you feel more connected with its history – even if we’re not sure what exactly those dishes might be. Cafe Azteca does this pairing beautifully; consider taking an evening stroll through their gallery walls for some fine dining without leaving town (plus, there’ll always be things cooking when hunger pangs begin).

When the original Cafe Azteca opened in Lawrence, it was a sensation. With its bold flavors and elaborate dishes from Antonio’s extensive culinary skillset, the restaurant quickly gained much attention not only locally but nationally as well.

The founders of Cafe Azteca wanted their customers not only to taste the flavors unique Mexico but also to view art and poetry in one location. The restaurant has grown with an attached room that hosts events such as concerts or photography exhibits; it’s open for everyone who wants a little more exposure to this wonderful country.

Every summer season, they travel to Mexico, collecting Mexican crafts and new flavors for their restaurant. From paintings that embody centuries-old rich culture sits by an arched window, you are transported away into Patzcuaro–a colonial town with red-trimmed adobe buildings and terra cotta tiled roofs ( pictured). Cafe Azteca is not just about the food; it’s also an adventure.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.