For art lovers, among the most interesting places to visit in Fullerton is a venue known as Clayes Performing Arts Center. This center has been home to many different types of music performances, and it’s located on California State University’s campus.

The Clayes Performing Arts Center is a state-of-the-art performance facility that was named in honor of Joseph A.W. Clayes III and Cal State Fullerton alumnus, who donated money so it could be built.

The Clayes Performing Arts Center is a unique and amazing place that has perfect settings to represent each discipline or art and is where the performing arts come alive. In case you’re looking for an amazing show, this venue has something that will suit your taste in every discipline imaginable.

The Clayes Performing Arts Center has some great settings that will grab your attention. For example, the Vaughncille Joseph Meng Concert Hall is known for its wonderful acoustics and intimate feel while also displaying actors right in front of you during performances on their thrust stage design which can be easily modified if necessary with flexible seating so everyone may enjoy this venue equally well! And lastly, there’s The black box Hallberg Theatre – perfect for both new productions or experimental theater because they’re able to offer more personalized experiences than other typical theatres would, depending upon what kind of moods strike each night.

This center has three performance venues that are perfect for any type of show you want to put on. The Little Theatre, Recital Hall, and Arena Theatre will allow your production an opportunity at success with their intimate setting. Whether it be music or drama classes – there’s sure not been a shortage in seating here since this building opened its doors. These special halls host various shows throughout the year with amazing performances by talented artists from all over.

Situated at 800 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831, United States, the Clayes Performing Arts Center is a wonderful place for all sorts of creative events. The dance studio has nice, clean floors where students can learn how to Ballroom Dance or American Smooth Robot while wearing masks if they want! There’s also the costume shop with enough supplies on hand so that your next play will be perfect (or just get some new ones), plus other venues such as an art gallery.

This amazing art center is the perfect location for a fun night in town. With so many bars and restaurants in close proximity, you’ll be able to start off your evening right with some fine dining before heading over here.