In case you are searching for a place to call home in the beautiful Boulder area, then look no further than Colorado State University. This neighborhood is located about 1.4 miles from downtown and has an estimated population of 9791 people who live here.

This beautiful and vibrant neighborhood has everything you need for your daily needs, with plenty of restaurants scattered throughout the area as well grocery stores located near your home, so getting groceries won’t be any trouble at all.

In addition, there are tons more things going on in this fantastic little spot, like outdoor festivals throughout the summertime, which makes it feel even alive than before – not just during term time either but year-round.

Imagine living in a peaceful community where you can enjoy the outdoors and amenities. Colorado State University neighborhood is just that for residents of Boulder, with excellent livability scores ranking them among its top communities around.

The Colorado State University neighborhood in Boulder has an excellent livability score and ranks 5th among all neighborhoods within the city. It is also ranked 27th out of all areas across Colorado, which is impressive considering how many people live there.

The Colorado State University community has a cost of living that is 10% lower than the Boulder average but equal to the national average. This means that despite being just a few minutes outside Boulder, you will find it easy to save money for other needs with Colorado’s cheaper housing and food costs.

Additionally, the Colorado University neighborhood housing is 7% higher than the U.S. average. The Colorado University area real estate prices are 66% lower than the Boulder average, which is great for people looking to buy. Rental costs in this community based on properties have also been 14% less expensive on average when compared against other areas of this city.

The Colorado State University neighborhood’s crime rates are 37% higher than the U.S. average, but violent crimes in this community happen to be 48% lower when compared with the national average, but this does not make up for all that separation from surrounding areas because there have still been some cases where students or residents were victims or witnesses of visualizing respectable conduct disorder. In addition,  residents have a 1/32 chance that they will become involved either as victims/witnesses, so it’s best to stay alert. But don’t worry since the Colorado University community is safer than 84% of the areas in Colorado.