Community Baptist Church is a great and amazing place to get acquainted with the community. However, it’s best if you come to experience our services for yourself and see what makes us different from other churches.

Community Baptist Church is a welcoming church that wants to be part of the community. They hope you will go visit them and meet some friendly people who are always happy when they see someone new. If there’s anything about their services or how they can help you in your life, feel free to contact them via +1 978-609-3577.

Community Baptist Church believes the Bible is the truth. God’s word has answers for every question you might have, and their church takes its responsibility seriously by teaching only those things which can be found within its pages- no one else knows better than these words were meant exactly how they read. They’re committed not just in terms of time spent studying them but also when decisions need making because if there was ever any doubt, then all would fall apart quickly without guidance from above.

The members at Community Baptist Church have a strong commitment to their God and His plan for the world. They believe that He uses the local churches as platforms in which we can accomplish those goals, but just like any other person on earth – there is always room for improvement.

The Community Baptist Church is a place where you can feel the love. We want everyone in our community, no matter what their background or situation might be, to come together and experience Christ’s peace for themselves – because we are family.

Community Baptist Church encourages everyone who believes in Jesus Christ to come before God’s throne and ask for help. They strive by taking advantage of the access we have as Christians, which includes His grace on us when it is needed most.

Community Baptist Church is a church where every person has direct access to God on the basis of what Christ did for them. When you come here, they’ll invite your whole self before our Lord’s throne, so He can help with any needs that may be Solid in life right now. This community wants everyone’s prosperity and happiness because when people are contented, it reflects well upon Him.

Situated at 45 Avon St, Lawrence, MA 01841-2633, the Community Baptist Church isn’t just a place for individuals/believers to get together and talk about their problems; it’s also an opportunity where they (Christians) can lift each other up in prayer. Whether you’re singing or leading worship services on Sunday mornings – your burdens will be heard by the hundreds-and if not enough already–you have access 24/7 with any unanswered questions at all through their website.

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