The Craig Regional Park is a 125-acre space located in Fullerton, just north of Cal State University’s campus. The area has many facilities for visitors to enjoy, including an extensive lake with boating options as well as lots of rocks, perfect if you’re looking forward to reserving some alone time while camping.

Craig Regional Park has it all. The natural beauty of this park will leave you speechless with awe as soon as your eyes adjust to the site, and there are so many things for everyone – from cyclists who want a peaceful bike ride through rolling hillsides or walkers looking out over shady trees on their lunch break.
This park is a great place to take in the natural beauty of our region. The park features several bodies of water, rolling hills with shady trees scattered throughout for an afternoon stroll or picnic lunch upon completion.

Craig Regional Park has something for everyone. There are courts to play all your favorite games on, including basketball and volleyball. You can also enjoy horseshoe pits or an English garden if you’re looking for a more relaxing activity in this beautiful parkland location.

This beautiful and amazing park has long been a favorite spot for locals to take in some fresh air and relax. The peaceful atmosphere is perfect no matter what time of day or year it may be, as there are plenty of quiet places available that make this an ideal destination during busy work weeks when you need downtime from your usual routine but don’t have much free time on hand.

Craig Regional Park has plenty of sports facilities for people to enjoy. There are baseball fields, softball diamonds, and even an entire complex dedicated just towards that. With 125 acres in total size, there is always space available where you can run around without worrying about getting into trouble or being bored with your activity level.

The Craig Regional Park has everything you need for an enjoyable day at the park. It features beautiful natural areas like lakes, rolling hills with mature trees, and creeks that crinkle as they meander through their course on this earthy soil we call home! There’s also a rose garden where visitors can enjoy picking some fresh flowers before heading back into town or continuing out beyond our borders in search of new adventures together.

Craig Regional Park is the perfect place to take a break from life for an hour or two. The park’s walking trails are wide and well maintained, so you’ll never get lost. Plus, there’s plenty of space between trees which means no matter how many people visit this beautiful park.

A walk in Craig regional park can be a great way not only to enjoy nature but also stay healthy by getting some fresh air.