Cypress is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and tranquility. With an estimated population of 48978 people, this neighborhood offers more than enough space without being too crowded. Cypress is located 7 miles away from Fullerton town, which makes it easy when needing quick access into downtown businesses while still providing some quiet time during your workday commute back home.

Cypress is a great place to live with its excellent livability score. It’s the 79th ranked city in California and 3013rd out of all neighborhoods across America. Cypress, CA, is where you can find excellent amenities and good value. This neighborhood ranks better than 89%of places around it–so there’s no wonder why so many people want to move here.

Cypress’s average cost of life, CA, is 11% higher than the California average. This means that on average (including housing), you’re looking at a figure close to 120% higher than the national average. The local market has been booming with new builds and homes going up fast. Moreover, this magnificent neighborhood’s average cost of living is 56% higher than the national average.
Cypress is one of America’s safest cities, with crime rates 32% lower than the national average. Many studies have shown how well this area does when it comes to public safety; violent crimes in Cypress are 69% less likely than they would be anywhere else. The chance of becoming a victim in Cypress is much lower than you would think. There’s one violent crime per 63 people, making it less dangerous than 60% of other cities across America.

Cypress has a median household income of 53% higher than the national average. The city also has a 53% higher per capita income than the national average. The area of Cypress has some great statistics when it comes to employment. The male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earners, and unemployment in this city is 29 percent lower than the national average.

The people in Cypress are generally well-educated and successful, with many holding down full-time jobs or continuing their education after high school. The school test scores in Cypress are equal to the national average. Eleven public schools serve the families of this neighborhood. The data shows that Cypress is an area with high educational levels. The city has a completion rate of 8th grade at 90%. Additionally, 90.8% of people in Cypress have completed high school, while 39.5% have completed a bachelor’s degree.