The Dayton Triangle is a peaceful neighborhood 3.8 miles away from Aurora with an estimated 7850 people living here, making it one of the city’s sparsely populated areas and perfect for those looking to get away from all hustle-and bustles of the Aurora city center.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to live with excellent schools, low crime rates, and an aesthetically pleasing community, look no further than the Dayton Triangle. It ranks 5th among Aurora neighborhoods and 10th out of all Colorado communities. In addition, this neighborhood offers even better rankings than 83%of nearby areas, making it not many people want to miss checking out when they are ready to move to Aurora.

Apart from being a perfect neighborhood, the cost of living in the Dayton Triangle is 14% lower than it would be if you lived somewhere else in Aurora. The rate here for rent and utilities are considerably less too, 5% lower than the national average.

The Dayton Triangle is a great place to live, and real estate prices reflect this. The price difference between homes here is 25% lower than in other parts of Aurora even though it has an average rental rate of 4% higher. Dayton Triangles’ housing market thrives off its location within proximity to Aurora, as the real estate prices are 49% lower than the Aurora average.

The Dayton Triangle has a crime rate of 22% higher than the national average. However, violent crimes in this area are 31 percent lower when compared to other places across America. Dayton Triangle is one of the safest places to live in Colorado. You have a 1 in 35 chance of becoming victimized, as the neighborhood has lower crime rates than 85% of other cities across the state.

Living in the Dayton Triangle is not only affordable, but it’s also possible to make an income. The median household incomes are 11% lower than nationwide, while the average earnings per home are 15% lower when compared with other areas of greater size within the country. The unemployment rate in the Dayton Triangle is 17% higher than average. This means that many people are looking for work. The median earnings of men vs. women show a significant difference: 41% greater among males than their female peers.

The test scores in this area are on par with the national average, and are approximately no public schools in the Dayton Triangle area. Students there will have a similar academic performance to those across America as average scores for this region reflect its place on nationwide assessments.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.