The Early bird is a nestled restaurant in Orange County that offers great food and coffee. It was founded by Marcelo Caraveo, who wanted to make sure everyone could enjoy what he created, no matter if you were interested or not.

Early bird is a unique restaurant that serves up some delicious food and coffee to interested diners. This restaurant strives towards making good quality beverages accessible for everyone who walks through its doors.

The Early Bird is a restaurant that specializes in preparing dishes with locally sourced ingredients. The boss, Adrian Padilla, ensures the careful preparation of these delicious cuisines, and he gets them from local producers who can provide fresh produce to all parts of California. He sources local ingredients from California farms and producers to make sure the food served here tastes as good as it sounds.

The Early Bird clients get the best of everything at this restaurant. With items like country chicken waffles, light, and fluffy eggs, Benedict’s griddlecakes, or sandwiches made from scratch every day, you’ll be sure to find something that will please your taste buds no matter what type of foodie adventure has brought them here in search for some new culinary experiences.

The Early Bird offers a variety of dishes to choose from, including the Rib-Eye Steak served with Two Eggs sunny side up and duck confit hash. For those who prefer something more casual, this restaurant also has breakfast items such as omelet made fresh every morning or Migas de panela—both are combinations that will make your taste buds happy.

This is a restaurant that offers delicious food for any meal of the day. Whether you’re looking to start your morning with some breakfast or brunch, grab lunch on your way back from work and then treat yourself like an evening snack before dinner; they’ve got something perfect.

Situated at 1000 E Bastanchury Rd, Fullerton, CA 92835, United States, Early Bird Restaurant has all of your breakfast needs to be covered. They offer everything from fluffy eggs to country chicken waffles, and they’re even happy to make you a sandwich or salad if that’s not what you had planned for dinner.

Also, Early Bird is a place where you can come for coffee and fine dining. The restaurant still stands by its principles of only using the freshest ingredients to make great food, so they’re always satisfied with what’s on their plate. They still stand by this principle today, which makes them one-of-a-kind.