Unique and Diverse FAT Village Art Walk

FAT Village is a unique and diverse community where visitors can experience the best of art, music, food, and fun. Art walks are organized every month on Saturdays (except December), which attract people who love experiencing all that FAT has to offer, from galleries & artisan shops to cafes, delis studios craft coffee shops. The art Walks at FAT Village are a great way for art lovers and newbies alike. The diversity of the attending crowd is what makes this event so popular, as you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest along with an enthralled audience ready to share their thoughts.

FAT Village™ is the original and longest-running art walk in Fort Lauderdale. Since 2000, Fat Village has been attracting a broader range of people to experience artsy things like crafts or music performances while they enjoy food from local restaurants. “Even if it’s rainy” -you can’t stop them from having fun with their famous art Walks going on rain or shine (and everything else).

The FAT Village is a mecca for art enthusiasts and lovers alike. From open galleries showcasing new artwork, local artists selling their goods in this ever-exciting downtown market to delicious food from some of the best restaurants around town—you’ll be able to find all your needs here.

A monthly curated maker’s market that takes place during FATVillage™ ArtWalk, The Goods Vendor Market is a must for any art lover. Every month thousands of excited visitors will come through, and we want to show them our appreciation by giving back in the form of great finds from local artists like yourself.

Situated at 521 NW 1st Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FAT Village Art Walk is a weekly event in which you can explore and enjoy the many types of contemporary artwork on display at their venues. They provide their visitors with an opportunity to see art from around the world, specifically that produced by living artists today. Their spaces often push boundaries with experimentation while still holding true its cultural traditions – it’s not just one thing, but several things brought together here: diverse cultures; technologically-advanced technology such as computers or cell phones (and how they’re used); multifaceted experiences like music played over speakers installed inside buildings.

FATVillage™ is the downtown historic warehouse district and a place where you can get anything from tech advice to craft supplies. There’s so much going on there that it might be hard for someone who has never been before.


This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.