Once Over Fire Damage Restoration

With fire damage, you need someone to watch your back. You’ll never be able to look at what was once beautiful again without feeling the pain in your heart – until it’s time for us to show up and restore this house or business back into shape.


Odor removal? We’ve got that covered too; our team will go through every corner like they were their last stop on earth because there is no other option but success when dealing with smoke odors from burnt furniture…or seeping through walls where water has melted everything apart before drying out again later on.


Once a fire damages your home, you need professionals with the experience and tools to clean it up. Our team will not only restore what was before but also take steps so that future fires cannot damage any further parts of this structure or cherished possessions within it. We use personal protective equipment when necessary in order for us to do our job safely-and we’re always careful not just about ourselves but those who live here as well.


Your business is your life’s work. You can’t afford to let a fire interfere with that, especially when it could have been prevented in the first place. As soon as you give us all the necessary information about when and where this happened, we’ll be able to assist get things back on track for you–the fastest way possible too.


We will assess what can be salvaged from your property before our Once Over Restoration team restores it to a high-quality finish. This is done on-site and with all contractors in this process, so you don’t have to wait.


We are the best in our industry when it comes to fire and smoke services. Our team can provide you with water extraction from any kind of fire suppression activity, removal debris including soot/smoke residue, along with packaging for restoration purposes, all while coordinating insurance companies if necessary-not only do they help keep your home safe but make sure everything is cleaned up properly afterward too.


Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Each individual knows how difficult it is to find reliable help after a fire. That’s why we are here for you, ready with our skills and experience in the field of restoration. We want all those who have suffered from this tragedy or any other disaster like it can return to the right path without worrying about their next steps- which brings us full circle again: getting everyone out safely as soon as possible so they too may move forward one step at a time. The right service when your house has been burnt down is just what you need; call Once Over Restoration if it’s not too late yet.


We’re the best at what we do—fire and smoke damage restoration specialists. We specialize in fire damage restoration, fire damage cleanup, and more– Contact us today if you have any of these issues going on around your house or business premises.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

The financial impact of a fire cannot be overstated. Not only can it put the structural safety and integrity, data storage, or equipment at risk for your company; but in addition to this major disruption from heat damage – smoke infiltration will cause further complications such as corrosion which damages crucial business assets, including computers with valuable information stored within them.


Here at Once Over Restoration, we understand that your fire damage can be devastating. Our team of expert commercial fire and smoke damage restoration specialists is here for you in this difficult time and will help rebuild or restore the business back to how it used to look before the disaster struck.


Fires leave behind more than just smoke residue on walls; they also melt wires inside electrical outlets, which causes short circuits with other electronic devices nearby such as refrigerators – all without warning signs, so what exactly do you need? A professional who knows their way around fires like nobody else: That would be us (especially if there was something suspicious going down). We offer 24-hour services meaning no matter when these emergencies happen, day/night, weekends, holidays, etc., someone’s always available ready.


Our Comprehensive Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Process

The fire at your home has left extensive damage, including smoke and water stains on the walls. It’s important you call Once Over Restoration for help restoring it before those problems become permanent. We’ll start off by prepping all of the affected areas with cleaning methods that will get rid of odors as well as remove any loose particles or soot from inside each room. Next up: content-cleaning–this includes vacuuming every inch until we’ve collected enough material evidence (and photographs) proving there was indeed a fire; then pack out everything into garbage bags where necessary, followed lastly by surface-cleaning using air scrubber technology.


Fire and Smoke Damage Clean Up

Smoke and water from a fire can damage your property in more ways than you think. The smoke creates its own atmosphere with the presence of soot, which embeds itself deep into carpets or furniture as well as ruining surrounding areas such that they have a persistent odor for months on end if not treated correctly–even without any visible burn marks.



It’s easy to believe one room when everything appears normal upon first inspection, but at Once Over Restoration, we know this may only be half-true because even though there might just look like scorched walls after an attic fire and smoke damage clean up service has been rendered.


We know that fire can be traumatic and destructive. That’s why at Once Over Restoration, we treat every job the same way—as if it had happened to one of our loved ones or homes. When you call us for help with your smoke damage cleanup project, an expert team will dispatch immediately, so they are available when needed most during the day/night hours 365 days a year. Your safety is always a top priority here because no task too big takes place without being fully inspected beforehand by somebody who cares deeply about making everything right again.Our Fire Damage Clean Up Process

If you’ve been concerned about the harmful effects of fires and smoke, don’t worry any longer. At Once Over Restoration will get rid of all that pollution, so your home can be safe for everyone who lives there! Our technicians wear full-face protection while they work because respiratory health is very important during projects like this one–that way, their own well-being isn’t put into question just yet.


The process of fire damage restoration starts when you call us. Then the fire damage restoration process continues by removing any material that may have been burned in the blaze. At Once Over Restoration, we use multiple methods to ensure your home or business is safe for its intended use after this clean-up project has wrapped up: air cleaning; odorization treatments if needed (final repair steps); repainting materials as well replacement services whenever necessary so you can get back on track.


Why Choose Our Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Service

As a highly rated and insured company, we offer the best fire and smoke damage restoration services in the area. Our team is licensed to clean up any type of disaster in the state, as well as provide you with our award-winning service.


We’re open 24/7, so if there’s an emergency on your hands, call us anytime day or night – we’ll be there fast pronto.


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