Segway Tour Fort Lauderdale

Segway Tour: Iconic Landmarks and Exciting Attractions

Fort Lauderdale is a city that has it all – from celebrity mansions to beachfront promenades. On this Segway tour, you will explore both the atmospheric neighborhoods and scenic areas for miles without getting tired or bored. You can choose between 5-mile circuits, which include Downtown, Riverwalk & more; 10-mile routes allow room enough for exploration throughout Florida’s sunshine state while seeing an entirely another side one would otherwise miss out on if only traveling by foot.


The Segway Tour of Fort Lauderdale will take you to iconic landmarks and exciting attractions. Along your journey, see the Broward Center and Old Fort Lauderdale, as well as admire views across Port Everglades from 17th Street Causeway Bridge.


Take a guided tour of Fort Lauderdale on Segways, an eco-friendly form of transportation. This is the perfect way to see all that Florida’s sunny south has in store for you. You can choose from multiple departure times and tours available, including small group sizes with 8 people max per session.


A journey through the bustling metropolis of Fort Lauderdale will be an unforgettable experience. Begin your tour at historic Riverwalk and get comfortable riding on a Segway before hitting the open road.


The 5-Mile Segway tour is a unique and exciting way to see the city. You can cruise around on this self-balancing scooter, seeing all of downtown Fort Lauderdale as well as some places outside it too like Old Fort Lauderdale! There’s plenty here for any visitor: great restaurants with their famous seafood dishes (and excellent views!), bars where you’ll be able to enjoy drinks at sunset overlooking beautiful beaches or skyscraper architecture that shines bright in front us day after gorgeous day – we’re so lucky our home has such incredible scenery right beyond its borders.


The 10-Mile tour is the perfect way to get an overview of downtown Miami and see some sites that you can’t when walking or driving. You’ll love seeing Coral Gables, Miami International Airport ( MIA ), in addition to taking time for pictures at Biscayne bay with all its boats afloat! After your guide helps teach how to use a segway on foot, let them take over the control so they may show off their skills around town just as much as I did mine. It’s only before returning back to meet up again with other travelers en route.


Fort Lauderdale offers an exciting Segway Tour. You will be able to enjoy this amazing way of transportation while seeing the most beautiful parts of town and learning about what makes it unique. All riders must wear comfortable clothing, no baggy pants or open-toed shoes; also, make sure your prescription glasses/contact lenses are sturdy enough for outdoor use with sunscreen if desired (it can get hot).