Heather Ridge is a quiet neighborhood located 2.5 miles from Aurora, with around 3065 people living here, making it one of the less populated areas in this city.

Heather Ridge is a great location to live in with its excellent livability scores. It’s the 8th ranked neighborhood of Aurora and 14th out of all communities across Colorado. Additionally, this city has better amenities than 80% of nearby areas, which makes it even more appealing.

The residents of Heather Ridge have a lower cost to live than most other places. The people of Heather Ridge have it pretty good. The cost of living here is 11% lower than the national average and 1% less costly than Aurora’s data.

Heather Ridge housing is a great place to call home. With prices 13% lower than the national average, it’s no wonder this community has been recognized by many people who live there or often visit as one of their favorite places in Colorado. The real estate market also thrives on invading what seemed like an impossible task – making your dream house a reality with 31% less expensive rentals available for those looking at moving near work opportunities within Aurora city limits. With a 3% difference between rentals here and across town, it’s easy to see why this area attracts so many people looking for an affordable place close by, all things worth seeing.

Heather Ridge has a crime rate that is 168% higher than the national average. Violent crimes in this area are also 344% higher than the national average. However, these statistics should not worry you as Heather Ridge is a safer place to live than 22% of the cities in Colorado. In Heather ridge, you have 1 out 16 chances of being a victim of crime.

Compared to the national average, the income per capita in Heather Ridge is 11%, but its median household incomes are 15% lower. Heather Ridge is a great place to live and work! The unemployment rate here has been 45% lower than the national average. Additionally, male median earnings are 41% higher than female median wages.

The school test scores in Heather Ridge are close to the national average. There aren’t many public schools here, but those that do exist not only offer quality education for students who live within their borders – they also provide them with access and opportunities beyond what would otherwise be available at home or elsewhere nearby.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.