Imajine That is a company that strives to cultivate the curious child within all of us by inspiring humans with playful, imaginative exploration. They do this by bringing people closer together as family, community, and Earth for an experience where they can find themselves again in love–one global family at a time.

Imajine That strives to create a world where children are free from limits, boundaries, and restrictions in their play. They promise that by bringing out the curious child within all of us – they will be able to cultivate an environment full of love for everyone on this planet.

Imajine That also strives to provide an environment that is friendly, encouraging, and supportive of children’s natural creativity. They do this by getting kids excited about learning through play-based teaching methods, which help them find their inner genius while becoming more connected with others around them.

The possibilities for learning are endless with Imajine That. They offer extended school programs, after-school clubs, and personalized enrichment classes in Boston Public Schools or Lawrence District schools – there’s something perfect waiting just around the corner.

Imajine That is committed to delivering an educational experience that sparks children’s natural curiosity and promotes their social, emotional, physical (S.E.), and intellectual development through play-based learning at every stage of development from birth through adolescence.

The intention behind their play-based approach, which includes social and emotional development as well oral language learning in speaking/listening categories, among other things like early literacy skills such as phonemic awareness or listening comprehension, helps kids develop important lifelong habits.

Imajine That manages to pack an incredible amount of educational value into their day camp. They do this by using technology from award-winning producers like WGBH, which provides cutting-edge resources for learning experiences and expressions through arts-integrated activities that are both fun yet informative. In addition, they have physical activity routines set up all over the place, so children will be getting some fresh air while exercising too – it’s almost too good not to work out there with them. They also have healthy food options available at every mealtime because there is no better way than eating well when exploring new worlds.

Situated at 354 Merrimack St, Lawrence, MA 01843-1754, Imajine That is a company that has been recognized by many organizations for its dedication and innovation. Recently, they received B Corp certification, which recognizes businesses who have made an impact on the world through social entrepreneurship practices as well as being awarded in Arts & Entertainment Industry from Inner City 100 Icons Of Industry Growth.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.