La Palma is a small town with easy access to all that Fullerton offers. It’s just 6 miles away, so it makes for an ideal place where you can live or work without having too much travel time involved. La Palma may be quiet, but there are plenty of opportunities around if this suits your needs more than anything else. There are approximately 15834 people who call this neighborhood home.

La Palma, CA, is a great place to live if you look for an excellent livability score. It is ranked 157th out of all cities in California and 4992nd among communities across America. If that’s not enough reason alone, consider how affordable housing may be available in your desired area. La Palma is one of the best neighborhoods in all of California because it offers everything you need. This area ranks better than 82%of its surrounding areas.

In La Palma, CA, the cost of living is 15% higher than the California average and 62% greater than the California average. When you factor in the housing, the housing prices are also 176% higher on average.
La Palma is a little paradise where residents can enjoy peace and tranquility. The low crime rates are one of the many reasons people love to call this town their home, but there’s more than just great weather that makes it an appealing destination for visitors from all over. The city’s crime rates are 12% lower than average, and violent crimes are 58% less frequent. In La Palma, you have a 1-in-49 chance of becoming the next victim of crime, which is better than 49% of the cities in America where you’re at risk for crime.

Incomes in La Palma are much higher than average. The median household income is about 51% greater than the national amount. The city’s 16% more per capita income compared to other places across America makes it an excellent place for those looking to start their career or expand upon what they already have.

La Palma is a city with great opportunities for those willing to work hard. The unemployment rate here has been shown time and again as 16% lower than the national average, making it an excellent location if you’re looking into starting your own business or want some extra cash on hand every month. The median income for males in La Palma is 41% higher than females.

The test scores in La Palma are average compared to the rest of California and the country. There are five public schools within city limits. The data shows that 90.6% of people in La Palma have completed 8th grade, which is a very high rate for the area. 90% of the population has completed high school, while 41.9% have earned their bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.