Ladera Heights is a great place to live if you want the convenience of living close without having your neighborhood crowded. The population here has been estimated at 7195 people, so it’s never overwhelming or stressful when out on routine errands in this area. Ladera Heights is a small town that lies 8.5 miles away from Los Angeles City Center, giving residents enough space while still allowing them access to daily activities like going to work, school, or shopping.

Ladera Heights is a great place to live with excellent scores and rankings. It’s 112th out of all places in California, 3677th ranked among neighborhoods across America – but it does well compared against 87% of all the communities near it around this area, making Ladera Heights highly rated.

Residents of Ladera Heights are paying 38% more for their everyday necessities than the average California resident. The Ladera’s cost of living is 95% greater when compared to all other cities across America. Ladera Heights offers some of the best real estate prices in California. The area’s housing is 277% higher than average, and homes cost 107% more. As if that weren’t enough to convince you about how great this neighborhood is- there are also rental rates that come out at 37%, considerably lower when compared with other nearby areas.

Ladera Heights has a lower crime rate than the national average by 63%. The town’s violent crimes are also much less prevalent, with residents having 64% fewer encounters per when compared against other cities or towns across America. The residents of Ladera Heights have a 1 in 120 chance to become the victims of crime, which makes it safer than 72% of other cities around America.

With a median household income of 63% higher than the national average, it’s no surprise why so many people in Ladera Heights live comfortably. The area has an above-average amount of affluence compared to other cities across America with similar demographics. Moreover, the average earnings per capita in Ladera Heights is 67% higher than the national average. Ladera Heights has a high unemployment rate, with 68% more people looking for work than average. The median earnings of men are 41%  higher than that of women.

Ladera Heights is a great place to study, with excellent schools and test scores and with the availability of several institutions of learning. However, the city has no public elementary grades, but there are plenty of private ones for those who want their children educated earlier.

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