Los Angeles is a bustling city with so many great neighborhoods to choose from, but if you’re looking for something central yet quiet and tranquil, then look no further than Los Feliz. Los Feliz is a neighborhood just 4.6 miles away from downtown LA, and it houses an estimated 2684 people. With its winding streets and beautiful views, there’s never been a better reason than now why this area deserves your attention.

Los Angeles’ Los Feliz is a great place to live with its excellent livability score and ranking 9th  out of all neighborhoods in Los Angeles and 108th out of all areas in California. It also enjoys better rankings than 74% of neighboring communities.

The average cost of residing in Los Angeles might be high, but it’s not as bad as other areas. The average salary for a person who lives there is about 80% higher than the national average and, more importantly- 27% greater when you compare only prices within LA city limits.

Los Feliz neighborhood has a homeownership rate of 225% higher than the national average, and real estate prices within this area are 49% higher. Rentals in LA’s notoriously beautiful northeast hills community cost 13% points less on an annual basis. Rental prices in Los Feliz are 13% higher than the national average.

The crime rate in Los Feliz is about 2% higher than the national average, but violent crimes are 20% lower. The peaceful neighborhoods around Los Feliz come as no surprise since it has been ranked safer compared to 63% of other local areas. In Los Feliz, your chances of being a victim of crime are 1 in 42. This neighborhood is generally safe to live in.

The median household income in Los Feliz, a quiet neighborhood just outside of downtown LA is 39% higher than the national average. With an 82% increase over its neighbors, people living here can afford more goods without spending as much money overall. Los Feliz has a 49%  higher than average unemployment rate. The median earnings for men are 41% greater than their female counterparts.

The school test scores for this area are equal to or above average compared with other places across America. There aren’t any public schools here, but several other institutions help the students in Los Feliz achieve their potential in academic excellence. 93.9% of people in Los Feliz have completed 8th grade, 93.1% have completed high school, and 61.2% of people in Los Feliz have attained a bachelor’s degree.

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