The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Art Museum


Situated at 1 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL, the NSU Art Museum is dedicated to providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are looking for an engaging experience with world-class artwork or want greater knowledge about art history, the museum has what every visitor needs.


The NSU Art Museum provides a setting for people to see and be inspired by the best examples in art from around the world. They offer diverse exhibitions, educational programs that cater to all interests levels as well original research initiatives with intellectual inquiry at its core.


The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Art Museum is a museum and art gallery where you can find exciting exhibitions of the best new works in America. Inside a modernist building designed by renowned architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. The permanent collection consists of more than 6,000 works by American and Latin American artists.


Founded in 1958, the NSU Art Museum is a well-known destination for exhibitions and programs that cover all aspects of civilization’s visual history. The NSU Art Museum is the hub of an exciting art scene, situated halfway between Miami and Palm Beach in Fort Lauderdale. The museum’s modernist building was designed by renowned architect Edward Larrabee Barnes; its location makes it one-third dent to what Florida has to offer.


Situated in Fort Lauderdale’s active Arts and Entertainment District, the NSU is a short walk to all that this historic city has to offer: shops on Las Olas Boulevard for shopping your heart out or grabbing some food at one of many restaurants along its length; Riverwalk promenade with panoramic views from above as well as historically significant bridges such as those leading into Biscayne Bay visible offshore.


At the NSU Art Museum, visitors can enjoy 25,000 square feet of exhibition space as well as an auditorium with 256 seats. There is also a museum store and cafe on-site for those looking to dine or purchase artwork made by local artists.


This art museum is a place where you can experience the world through your eyes and mind. They have an international exhibiting program that challenges what people think about their surroundings, with visionary Director Bonnie Clearwater overseeing it all in her role since 2013.


Latin American, African, and other world cultures are well-represented in NSU Art Museum’s permanent collection of over 7500 works. The museum’s richly varied range of artwork includes many significant pieces by women artists from different parts around the globe as it spans decades.


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