Havana Street is a staircase to heaven, where you can find all sorts of unique shops and stores. This street was created in 2007 with one major objective: To enrich the lives of residents as well as draw regional visitors from around Colorado. Since then, it’s come into being known by many people who live or visit Aurora because there are so many great things available on this little stretch, including artwork created especially for your event.

On Havana Street is a cool and trendy district in Aurora, Colorado, that was created as an initiative to enrich the lives of area residents with lively events. The streets are lined by unique shops catering to locals as well as visitors from all over.

What’s not to love about this place? There are over 20 events happening in one location throughout the year, including barbecue festivals, car shows, and art showcases. You’ll even find live music performances.

On Havana Street is the epicenter of 500+ businesses that line four miles. Along this road, you will find everything from luxurious hotels to small restaurants with delicious food and friendly service.

Havana Street is a mecca for visitors looking to have some fun. You can sing karaoke with your family at Family Karaoke. View art gallery exhibits in the East End Applied Arts building or rent bikes from Bicycle Village if you want an alternative way of exploring this beautiful city.

This unique street is home to some great options for visitors looking to get out of their comfort zone and experience new things. In case you’re feeling up for an adventure, head over to Family Karaoke, where your voice will achieve its paces in front of everyone else. Or if art galleries are more along the lines that suit your tastes, then check out East End Applied Arts – they’ve got exhibits going on all year long, so there’ll always find something interesting here. And while we’re talking about exploring, you can rent bikes at Bicycle Village, which allows good times exploring this region’s other attractions.

Havana Street is a street with many different options for food and retail. The restaurants have dishes from all over the world, including some global cuisine favorites like Cuban meals or Mexican burritos! There are also plenty of national chains that can be found on this stretch, such as Ulta and Target, where you could find anything your heart desires at affordable prices.

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