Palo Park is a beautiful neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, with an estimated population of 2,365 people who call this place home. It’s located about 1.3 miles away from downtown and has many great amenities like golf courses for all your outdoor enthusiasts out there.

The Palo Park neighborhood in Boulder has an exceptional livability score and ranks 1st out of all the neighborhoods within this city and state. This community beats out 95% of neighboring neighborhoods on everything that matters when it comes to livability scores.

The cost of living in the Palo park community is high, but it could be even more expensive if you want to live close to Boulder’s downtown area. The cost of living in this community is 32% higher than the Boulder average and 47% higher than the national average. The community housing is 161% higher than the U.S. average.

The community of Palo Park has a 33% lower crime rate than the national average. Violent crimes in this area are 93 percent lower than the national average, which makes this community safer than 97% of the Colorado cities.

The people of Palo Park, Colorado, are fortunate to live in one of the safer communities across this great state. The community’s crime rates have been shown time after time as being much lower than national averages and even more so when compared with other cities within our own fine county. You have a 1/64 chance that you will become a crime victim, which means you will never be subjecting yourself or loved ones to many risks while walking down any street here- making it feel quite safe even though there is always room for improvement everywhere.

The people of Palo Park are luckier than most, as their income per capita is 89% higher than the national average. The median household income also exceeds the national average by more than 127%. These statistics show how fortunate residents are to live where they do on such lush green land.

The median earnings for men in this community are 41% higher than women. The unemployment rate in the Palo Park neighborhood is 100% lower than the national average, and poverty levels also match up with the U.S. average. This makes it a haven for job seekers who want something better but can’t find it anywhere else.

The community of Palo Park is one in which educational success and prosperity go hand-in-hand. The school test scores are on the same level as the national average, with 99.3% having completed 8th grade and 99.3% having completed high school, while 70.5% percent completing their bachelor’s degree or higher.

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