Pearl Street Mall Boulder CO

Pearl Street Mall Downtown Boulder Attraction

The Pearl Street Mall is a bustling and vibrant four blocks long shopping center that features numerous restaurants, stores for all ages, including toddlers are allowed with parents in some places.


On the Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, you can find a thriving and vibrant shopping experience. There are several amazing restaurants as well as stores that range from clothing lines for men or dresses for women all the way up through jewelry pieces with different flavors to suit any taste.


There’s no better way to see Boulder than on foot. The brick-paved Pearl Street is not only the city’s heartbeat but also its soul — an irresistible gathering place where locals and visitors alike come for coffee drinks or just people watching. If you have time, only one thing should be done in this beautiful town – take a stroll down the pedestrian mall.


There are so many things to do in Boulder. Whether you’re looking for Urban Outfitters or crave some high-quality food, this bustling street has it all. With unique boutiques and galleries on every corner along with laid-back cafes that offer spectacular views of downtown Boulder from their outdoor seating areas – Pearl Street really does have something special about them, too, including performances by talented musicians who’ve been known as much for pelting audiences.


Pearl Street Mall, situated at 1942 Broadway #301, Boulder, CO 80302, USA, is a great place to visit if you’re looking for shopping options that are not too expensive and have good quality. The people who go there praise the atmosphere, which makes this area really come alive with activity; it’s also very unique compared to other places in Boulder. However, some visitors did point out how many panhandlers can be found around these parts as well – so take care when walking through on your own or using public transportation due to the amount of attention they receive from locals passing through town.


Pearl Street Mall has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy souvenirs from the local producer, enjoy a leisurely walk through with family and friends or find new items on your next trip abroad – there are countless options here. You can also tour art galleries in buildings across town before grabbing drinks at one of several breweries surrounding this area while waiting out traffic after shopping all day long; then stop by any number of restaurants within walking distance (including ones that serve buffet breakfasts) so as not miss those late mornings when they open early because it’s impossible not too: They have everything under control. 


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