The beautiful and serene Pheasant Run neighborhood is located 6.8 miles away from Aurora, with approximately 5421 people in the area – making it one of your best options for living.

Pheasant Run is a city with excellent livability scores. It’s the 6th ranked area of Aurora and 11th place out of Colorado’s neighborhoods, meaning there will always be something new around every corner. In addition to this excellent trait for visitors looking forward to business or pleasure trips alike, you’re sure not going bored anytime soon when visiting beautiful Pheasants Run because these towns have better rankings than 99%of other places.

While the cost of living in Pheasant Run is 3% lower than Aurora’s average, it has a 7% higher price tag when compared to other areas. The reason for this? It all comes down to how you’re decorated and your personal style.

Located just outside Aurora, Pheasant Run offers beautiful views and an affordable price point for those looking to live in the city. The homes here are 16% higher than average compared with 5% lower real estate prices overall within the county. This area also has 19% higher rental properties that cost more per month than similar offerings around town, making it one choice worth exploring if considering moving near Denver’s capital region.

Pheasant Run is a haven for those who live in the area, with its 3% lower crime rates and peaceful atmosphere than the rest of the country. The town’s violent crimes equal that of many other cities across America – making it safe enough even if you’re not statistically likely to experience criminal activity on any given day. With a 1 in 45 chance of becoming the victim of crime, Pheasant Run is safer than 82% of the cities in Colorado.

In Pheasant Run, the population earns 14% less per capita income than the rest of the country. On the other hand,  the median household income is 17% higher than the national average. The median income for males in Pheasant Run is 41% higher than females. The unemployment rate here also tends to be on the high side, at 11%.

The public schools in Pheasant Run provide a quality education for all students. The school test scores are equal to the national average, although there are no public schools in this community. The data shows that 84.4% of people in Pheasant Run have completed 8th grade, 83.7% are high-school graduates, and 27% have obtained a bachelor’s or higher-level education degree.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.