San Marino is a small town that lies 8.9 miles away from Los Angeles City Center, giving residents enough space while still allowing them access to daily activities like going to work or school with ease. The population here has been estimated at 13324 people, making it an ideal place for those who need convenience and proximity to Los Angeles without having their neighborhood crowded.

The small town of San Marino is a great place to live with excellent scores and rankings. It’s 53rd out of California’s cities, 2251st ranked among neighborhoods across America. Moreover, this neighborhood does well compared against 92%of all the communities nearby, making it highly rated.

The cost of residing in San Marino is significantly higher than the California average and national norms. It’s a whopping 104% greater. The same can be said for goods and services; they’re 187%  more expensive here when compared to other states throughout America.

The average renting and real estate market in San Marino is booming. The prices are 271% higher than the California average, and rental costs are 170% higher. Housing here depicts an even more dramatic 586%, more availability than the whole of the nation, making it one of those rare places where you can get a great deal on your dream home.

San Marino has a crime rate 18% lower than the national average. Violent crimes in this city are 76 percent less common when compared to other places across America. San Marino is one of the safest cities in America. You have a 1-in 53 chance of becoming victims there, which beats out 58% percent or other places across this great land.

In this magnificent neighborhood, the median household income is 153% higher than average. The income per capita reflects this difference with an impressive 143% above-normal amount of money going into each dollar earned by someone within city limits versus outside them, which makes life much more comfortable for those who’ve got good jobs and helps keep costs down. The unemployment rate in San Marino is 51% lower than the national average, which means that people who live here are much less likely to be without work. The median earnings are 41% higher than females.

The schools of San Marino are very good at educating their students. The city has a high API score, which is average for the nation. The test scores in this town equal those found nationwide. There are five public institutions available that serve the residents of this neighborhood.

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