Scholl Canyon is an excellent place to live if you want the convenience of living close without having your neighborhood crowded. The population here has been estimated at 785 people, so it’s never overwhelming or stressful when out on routine errands in this area. Scholl Canyon lies just over 7.9 miles away from Los Angeles city center, a distance that allows enough space between both settlements while still allowing them access for daily activities such as shopping trips with friends

The Scholl Canyon is a livable neighborhood with an excellent score, ranking 17th among all places in Glendale and 247th out of California’s suburbs. It also does well when compared against 64% of the communities around it, making this area pretty good.

The average cost of staying in Scholl Canyon is exponentially higher than the national average. Life there feels like an entirely different reality, with prices 31% above what you would find in comparable neighborhoods. A person who lives there will pay 85% more for food, shelter, and other amenities but enjoy a sense of life with plenty to do outside as well.

The average number of houses in Scholl Canyon is 243% higher than the rest of the nation. The real estate market in Scholl Canyon is much more expensive than Glendale, with prices 16% higher. The rental rates are also considerably more excellent for homes there as they average 42% higher than the rest of Glendale.

The town of Scholl Canyon has a crime rate that is 62% lower than the national average, and violent crimes in this area are 86% less frequent. The Scholl Canyon area is one of the safest places to live in California, with only a 1-in-112 chance that you’ll become victims. This bustling neighborhood is safer than 95% percent of all other cities in California, which is very impressive.

The people of Scholl Canyon live far better than most other Americans. The median household income there is 67% higher than on a national scale. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you how good they have things around these parts. The average per capita income in Scholl Canyon is also 88% higher than the national average. The unemployment rate in Scholl Canyon is 32% lower than the national average. This means that there are many more opportunities for residents to find employment, and they will be able to live comfortably with higher earnings. The male median earnings are 41% higher than female median wages.

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