Southeast Boulder is a picturesque neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, located about 2.6 miles from downtown Boulder with an estimated population of around 20,905  people who call this place home.

This beautiful and peaceful Southeast Boulder neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado, has an exceptional livability score which makes it one of the best neighborhoods around. In this Boulder neighborhood, you’ll find a great livability score and ranking as the 3rd ranked community in the city and 12th in Colorado. This community is better than 81% of its surrounding areas.

In Southeast Boulder, the cost of living is 14% higher than the Boulder average and 27% higher than the U.S. average. However, the community housing is 95% higher than the national average. The real estate prices in Southeast Boulder are 25% lower than the average in Boulder. Rental rates there are also 9% lower when compared with other parts of town, making it an appealing place to call home for those looking at moving or buying their first property.

The Southeast Boulder community is safer than 83% of the cities in Colorado. Even though the crime rates in this community are 24% higher than the U.S. average, residents have a 1/35 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Additionally, its 30 percent lower violent crimes than the national average make this area one of convenience and peace for families who want their hometown experience without risking safety on a daily basis like they might elsewhere in Colorado or even nationwide. Residents will always know what kind of people are around them, friendly neighbors ready with help when needed.

The residents of this area seem to be doing well. The median household income is 3% higher than the national average, and the incomes per capita in this community are 17% higher when compared to the national average. This means that Residents of the Southeast Boulder neighborhood enjoy a higher income than most other areas.

The unemployment rate in the Southeast Boulder community is 13% lower than the national average. The median earnings of a man are 41% higher than that for women, but this difference has narrowed over time due to recent economic growth, which saw more females enter into traditionally male-dominated industries like construction and manufacturing, where wages can be much higher compared with female-dominated fields such as education or health care services.

The greatest strides towards success can be seen in the Southeast Boulder neighborhood, where 95 percent of residents have completed 8th grade and high school, while 68% possess an undergraduate degree or higher.

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