The Aurora Fox Arts Center is the perfect place to enjoy a professional, Broadway-quality production. It’s situated amidst one of Colorado’s most vibrant cultural arts districts and has an excellent selection at affordable prices. The Fox Arts Center is the perfect place to catch a show when you want high-quality entertainment without leaving our city.

The Aurora Fox Arts Center is a beautiful 245-seat performing arts facility that was originally built in 1946. It’s home to many different types of events, including live concerts and plays.

The 245-seat performing arts facility opened its doors to us nearly four decades ago. They have been hosting plays, concerts, or anything else you can think up for over 25 years now; this includes everything from traditional theater performances to modern performances.

The Fox Arts Center is a great place to spend an intimate evening with your significant other. With its lively performance space, you’ll have plenty of fun and laughs together while catching up on all those missed moments in between work or school.

If you’re looking for an evening of elegant yet affordable entertainment, then head on down to Aurora Fox Arts Center. The intimate and entertaining performance space is a fun and lively way to spend the night. And don’t forget that it’s also conveniently located in historic downtown Aurora – which means there will be plenty going around after showtime if sweets or drinks are what takes your fancy (or both).

The Aurora Fox Arts Center has a performance space that can accommodate over 240 people and an attached rehearsal area for smaller groups. In addition, they have scenery shop facilities, so you’re never far from your next production.

Situated at 9900 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010, Aurora Fox Arts Center offers a serene and picturesque setting for any occasion. Whether you desire to treat yourself or someone else, this venue has everything from intimate concerts by favorite artists in residence all the way up to large-scale dance productions that will impress even your most stringent critic.

If you’re looking to have an evening full of culture, then head on down the Aurora Fox Arts Center. The venue features different acts every night that are both intimate and professional. It also offers space for rehearsals in addition to its shops/outlet stores next door if needed – so no matter what your taste is, there’ll be something perfect here at this arts center.

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