The Aurora Reservoir, situated at 5800 South Powhaton Road, Aurora, CO 80016,  is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. One can find fishing hiking trails that lead to three coves – Senac Cove, Lone Tree cove, and Marina– all within 31000 acres of land.

The three coves that make up this reservoir offer visitors an opportunity to get viewpoints of some gorgeous scenery while they enjoy their day on one or more boats rented from nearby marinas.

The Aurora Reservoir not only provides drinking water for the city of Aurora but also serves as a stunning green space and recreational area.

The Aurora Reservoir is a pristine area in the city that offers many things to do, such as jogging, hiking, and biking. Anglers often head there specifically for catfish or trout fishing because of its diverse landscape that includes water bodies like lakes with walleye found on them.

This reservoir is a popular destination for visitors looking to go swimming or enjoy scuba diving. It has one small seasonal swim beach with no lifeguards, so please use caution when entering the water if you are not trained in these activities.

Also, the Aurora Reservoir is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. A boat dock rental shack with all the necessary equipment to take on any kayaking or fishing trip are just some features that make this destination so popular.

Sitting on the dry and dusty windward side of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Aurora Reservoir was once just an empty piece of land. It wasn’t until developers saw how close it lay to Denver that this small body got filled up with water for people’s enjoyment.

The Aurora Reservoir was created by the city to store rainwater and provide drinking water for residents throughout Southshore. This 880-acre manmade lake is now one of the hottest spots in town, with great outdoor activities like fishing or bird watching.

The picturesque Aurora Reservoir is a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. On any given day, you can find people renting canoes to explore its shores or take part in SCUBA diving excursions (the submerged airplane really stands out!). There is also a multitude of trout fishing spots available, along with several bars where one might enjoy an ice-cold beer after their adventure on land.

The sunsets over this waterhole are truly unmatched; they’re so beautiful that even those sultry Coloradan summers won’t be able to stop them from appreciating Colorado’s natural beauty.

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