The Colorado Freedom Memorial is an inspiring way to remember the Martyrs of our state. The first memorial in America is dedicated solely and wholly to Coloradans who gave their lives while serving this great nation, and it provides a place where they can be honored with dignity as well honor-filled memories saved forevermore by stone upon shining stone.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial has a glass and granite structure that spans 95 feet across. The 12-foot high walls are engraved with the names of brave men and women who lost their lives in service to our beautiful country, as well as an image representing freedom itself—a symbol for all eternity which can never be destroyed even by war’s most devastating weapons.

The glass panels at this memorial are placed in a way that reflects how they would look if you were standing under blue skies with towering mountains all around.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial is a stirring reminder of the many lives that were lost in service to our country. It holds over 6,000 names and marks one for each person who gave their lives so that we can live freely today. It features an eternal flame and list displays upon which people may read about or reflect on the sacrifice made by each individual name listed here.

The names of the fallen are grouped together at The Colorado Freedom Memorial, but they’re not in alphabetical order- a reflection on how chaotic war can be.

Whether you’re visiting with family or catching up on old memories, Colorado Freedom Memorial is dedicated to providing a place of beauty and reverence where people can find peace. The memorial’s design features both fresh flowers as well an educational exhibit that provides insight into the complexity surrounding freedom-related topics such they may never be forgotten—or honored again by our generation.

Situated at 756 Telluride St, Aurora, CO 80011, the Colorado Freedom Memorial is a sculpture that represents freedom and democracy. The design of this memorial was derived through various metaphors, which create an emotional experience for visitors, as well demonstrating the importance we place on remembering those who have sacrificed in defense of our country’s value.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial design has a long, sweeping approach that gives visitors their initial view of the wall. An abstract representation in tectonic shapes suggests to them what it must have been like for those who came here before us – hardship and loss but also beautiful when you take time out from your day or week walk through this memorial parkland where every stone has meaning behind its placement on these grounds.

This article was originally posted at Once Over Restoration.