Dairy Arts Center Boulder CO

The Fantastic Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, CO

The Dairy Arts Center is the perfect venue to enjoy an afternoon with your family and friends. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment or just want something new, this center has it all. There are also classes if you’re interested in learning something new or just want some time outside this weekend – all available at one place which makes it easy enough even when busy schedules prevent us from doing things during normal weeknights like attending cultural events downtown.


The Dairy Arts Center is a fantastic tourist hotspot that features an art gallery, cinema, and workshops. You can spend your day immersed in entertainment at this great venue by honing skills or learning something new.


Are you looking for an amazing and fun way to spend your day with friends or loved ones? Go enjoy the Dairy Arts Center. Here, there are many options that can be enjoyed by anyone who comes here! You could watch awe-inspiring dance performances like those put on in recitals; comedy acts such as stand-up routines from some of today’s biggest comics (like Chris Rock); theatrical productions including dramas and musicals – if they’re not enough then check out magic show too.


The Dairy Arts Center, situated at 2590 Walnut St., Boulder, CO 80302, is a great place for anyone who loves the arts. You can watch movies, attend workshops and classes in musical theater or dance – there’s something here that will suit every interest.

The Dairy Arts Center’s Visual Arts Program is accessible to everyone through its 27 annual art exhibitions and receptions, which present local, national, and international artists. These free-to public events include monthly youth workshops based on current shows in addition to four gallery spaces with juried rotating exhibits: The McMahon Gallery, Polly Addison Space Gallery, the Hand-Rudy Gallery, and the MacMillan Family Lobby.


Also, The Dairy Arts Center’s Visual Arts Program is responsible for planning and facilitating free receptions in association with exhibited artwork, as well as workshops on a variety of art mediums that are open to adults, children, and teens. They also host regular lectures about the educational benefits associated visual arts have towards Boulder city-wide communities alike.


Visit the Dairy Arts Center, a former dairy plant that’s been transformed into an intimate performing arts theater. You’ll find plenty of engaging opportunities here since The Dairy Arts Center provides a diverse array of opportunities to create, learn and engage in high-quality performing arts experiences. 


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