The Historic Stranahan House

The Historic Stranahan House is a Beautiful Home Too!

The Historic Stranahan House is a fascinating place to visit. Opened daily from 1 pm-4 pm Eastern Time, the historic home was built by Frank and Ivy Cromartie Stranahan – founding father and first school teacher for Fort Lauderdale, respectively. The Museum is Fort Lauderdale’s oldest and most historically significant surviving structure. This was where it all began as this museum tells the story of a family, their house, and how that led to founding an entire city.

The Historic Stranahan House is a beautiful home that has been through many changes. Originally, it was built as a trading post and then over time became the site for important events, including postal service offices, community centers, and town halls, among other things such as residence by members of this family who called themselves “Stranahans.”

In this historic house, you will find many interesting facts and figures about Broward County. For example, it is believed that the oldest surviving structure in our area was given a spot on The National Register of Historic Places as well as being voted #1 Museum in all South Florida by residents. This historic museum opened to the public in 1984. The building’s interior was lovingly restored by the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society and Realtor Board, with plenty of porches to take advantage of its stunning New River view.

Situated at 335 Southeast 6th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL, the Stranahan House has been a part of the community since it was built and played an important role in not only its economic life but also as one of Florida’s first museums. A guided tour will take you on this journey through time as we explore how Seminole Indians made friends with young Ohioan who settled down to make his fortune away from home while building up some muscle.

Come to the Historic Stranahan House Museum for an in-depth look at our community’s history. Learn how two extraordinary people made a home and what they sacrificed so that future generations can have something worth preserving.

The museum’s mission is to preserve Stranahan House, a historic home and museum that also serves as a center for the community. They want people from all around the world who visit this wonderful site in South Florida just once or twice to get an idea about what it was like living here during olden times when Americans were very different but still have many things common with us today. The building is funded through admissions, private donations, and grants as well memberships, all tax-deductible according to the law.