Museum of Discovery and Science Fort Lauderdale

One-Of-A-Kind Experience at Museum of Discovery and Science

The Museum of Discovery and Science (MODS), situated at 401 Southwest 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL, is home to an extensive collection of interactive exhibits. One such exhibit, Florida EcoScapes, features a workshop on the Everglades that will teach you everything from its natural history through restoration projects happening today.


The MODS will have you covered with a 12-foot long (3.7 meters) snake, bats, turtles, or alligators! They also provide an experience like no other by having visitors come in to sit down on the FA18 cockpit simulator for their own personal ride through initiation into aviation history as well as learning how it is that they’re able to accomplish such things today when everyone was once curious about what this thing called “flight” could feel like themselves. Also, The Museum of Discovery and Science is a one-stop experience for families. Catch some films at their biggest screen in South Florida, the AutoNation IMAX Theater.


The Museum of Discovery and Science offers a unique opportunity to explore the world around us, and they welcome visitors from all walks of life who can experience science in an interactive way that’s both enlightening and entertaining.


The Museum of Discovery and Science is a place that offers an experience like no other. They support all families, including those with disabilities or economic disadvantages, by providing hospitality for everyone. From the moment you walk in their doors to your departure, they will make sure everything about this visit was worth it – from feeding animals at behaves throughout their exhibits, exploring science activities tailored specifically towards preschoolers such as making sticky handprints on walls who knows what else may surprise visitors during their journey through time here at MODS.


Imagine a time when people were fascinated with the world around them and wanted to learn more. Now imagine that this passion led not only into careers but also museums. That was how it all began: as just one man’s dream for something cooler than any other place on earth – The Museum of Discovery & Science. The Discovery Center is a museum of art, science, and history that opened in 1977. Over the course of its existence, it has added many buildings to its complex, making it one big fun place for kids.

Also, the Museum of Discovery and Science is a place where more than 450,000 people go each year to explore the world around them. The museum has served as an educational resource for 8 million visitors since opening its doors in 1992, with daily student field trips making it a one-of-a-kind experience that will never be forgotten.


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