The idea for Vintage Theatre came about when a group of friends had a brainstorming session over drinks in 2002. The concept was born out of their love and passion for art, which led them to establish this little screening room that showcases films from all eras with acts ranging across genres like romance or horror movies.

The Vintage Theatre has been a beloved venue for years, and the people of this community are always excited to go there. They started out with only one show every few months or so; now, they host performances by some incredible artists who give them even more reason than ever before why theater should be experienced at its best.

The Vintage Theatre provides three performance spaces – the 145-seat Jeffrey Nickelson Auditorium, 67 seat Bond Trimble Theater and 60 lobby raised stages. All of these amazing areas offer full bar service with soundproofing and temperature control to keep you cool in hot summer months or warm during wintertime.

The three separate performance spaces allow for a variety of shows to be performed at the Vintage Theatre, with soundproof walls and controlled temperatures in each one. The seating capacities are 145 people on average during show hours; 67 if you’re looking only for an experience instead; or 60 when it’s just your friends that came over without their kids.

Visitors to the Vintage Theatre can enjoy performances throughout the year; among their most popular productions, Rabbit Hole (2016) obtained an award from Henry Award for Best Production.

The Vintage Theatre is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustles of city life. With performances ranging from musicals, revivals, or even contemporary plays, this theatre will have something for everyone. This theatre is a place where you can enjoy classic performances and meet new people with similar interests.

Situated at 1468 Dayton St, Aurora, CO 80010, the Vintage Theatre is a hub for the performing arts in several different mediums. Whether you’re looking to learn how to read between the lines or stage-manage your next production, they’ve got what it takes. You can also enjoy drinks at any time during performances since this place stays open year-round, so there’s no shortage of activities when planning ahead with friends and family alike.

The services The Vintage Theatre provides are staging readings, workshops, classes, etc., but one thing that really sets them apart from other places around town? They offer bar service inside each separate space where shows take place–which means after seeing an amazing play right before dinner goes perfectly.

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