The View Park-Windsor Hills is a vibrant, diverse neighborhood with plenty of green space and shopping located 7.2 miles from Los Angeles. The population in this area has been estimated at around 11640 people, which makes it perfect for those who want ease but not necessarily proximity from big city life.

The View Park-Windsor Hills neighborhood has an excellent livability score. It is the 135th ranked city in California and 4319th ranked out of all places across America. Considering what’s around it, this area also ranks better than 85%, so you know this place must be pretty good.

View Park-Windsor Hills, a community in California, has seen its cost of living increase by 15% over the last few years. The national living average is 62% lower than that of View. This means that residents here deal with much higher prices for food and housing when compared to other places across America.

The View Park-Windsor Hills housing is much more expensive than average, and real estate prices are 46% greater. Rental costs in this area seem reasonable at 3% lower than California’s overall level; however, it may be wise to consider the high cost of living when buying or renting property here. The average number of houses in this neighborhood is 166% higher than what is seen o the national scale.

The citizens of View Park-Windsor Hills have seen their rates for crimes reduced by over 44%. The safety difference is even more significant when looking at violent crimes, only 42% lower than the national average. There’s a 1 in 76 chance that you’ll become the victim of crime at View Park-Windsor Hills. This rate is lower than 55% in other cities across America.

The median household income in View Park-Windsor Hills is higher than the national average by over 56%. The town has an impressive 54% more people earning more per capita, above most neighborhoods in the country. The unemployment rate in View Park-Windsor Hills is 65% higher than the national average, making it hard for people looking to find work. The males’ median earnings are 41% greater than females.

The school test scores in View Park-Windsor Hills are average. There are no public schools that serve students here, so it makes sense for the area to have an average rating compared with other places across America. The data shows that 95.4% of people in View Park- Windsor Hills have completed 8th grade, 94.7% have finished high school, and 50% of the residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

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