Villa Park, Fullerton, is a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and tranquility. With an estimated population of 5922 people, this neighborhood offers more than enough space without being too crowded. Villa Park is located 7 miles away from Fullerton town.

Villa Park, CA, is a great place to live with its excellent livability score. It’s the 57th ranked city in California and 2353rd out of the neighborhoods across America. Plus, this neighborhood ranks better than 91%of places around it–so you know some pretty excellent amenities are waiting for your family here at Villa Park.

Living in Villa Park is more expensive than average, but not as bad if you’re looking for a place with plenty to offer. Housing costs are higher, and goods and services cost 59%. The local economy has been thriving, which means that prices have gone up 124% over what they would be on the national level.

The people of Villa Park enjoy a safe environment. The city has seen an impressive 62% decrease in criminal activity, and violent crimes are 100 percent less than the national average. Villa Park’s crime rate is much lower than most other cities in America. You have a 1-in 112 chance of becoming victims here as it is safer than 85% of the neighborhoods around it.

Villa Park is a city of prosperity. The median household income here exceeds the national average by 137%. This high standard of living coupled with excellent schools has made it easy for residents to succeed personally and professionally. The income per capita is also 99% higher than the national average. The average male median earnings in Villa Park is 41% higher than the female. Here, the unemployment rate also sits at 1%, lower than all other areas nationwide.

The Villa Park neighborhood has four public schools, among other private schools and learning institutions for your children to study. The test scores for these institutions reflect the average level shown by these countrywide statistics, which means that students here do as well or better than their peers at similar schools across America. The educational level of people in Villa Park is very high. 94% have completed 8th grade, 93% have completed high school, and 55% have completed a bachelor’s degree.

The real estate market in Villa Park, California, is thriving. The average property price there has increased by 152% over the past year, and rental prices are 125 percent greater than they would be elsewhere on this side of the state line.